ValidVoice Identification Solutions

ValidVoice's proprietary and patented Speaker Verification Technology uses the unique characteristics of a person's voice to positively identify the person during an unscripted natural conversation. The speed and accuracy of the technology ensures that the identification process can be performed seamlessly in the background while you provide real value to your customers. This approach enhances customer experience without compromising security.
The technology is delivered via a set of powerful API's that allow seamless integration into existing environments and work flows processes.
The technology can be deployed as a on-premise installation or as an on-demand cloud based solution.

Value Propositions

Lower Transaction Costs
  • Reduced verification time
  • Eliminating the need for - PIN, Password, Challenge Questions or security device distribution
  • Increase security and reduce fraud
Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Eliminate repeated active authentications
  • No need to remember pass codes
  • Faster authentication with less friction
Improved Security
  • Impersonal, higly accurate technology based verification
  • Can be used for multi-factor authentication

Voice Biometrics Vs Speech Recognition

Voice Biometrics (Speaker Verification) is often mistakenly seen as a subset of Speech Recognition. While the same utterance may be used for both purposes, they are processed with distinctly different algorithms and outcomes.
Speech Recognition answers "What are you saying?"
Voice Biometrics answers "Are you who you claim to be?"

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