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"Customer Experience Is The Next Competitive Battle Ground"

Jerry Gregoire, Former CIO at Dell

Benefits at a glance

  • Improve Customer Experience with a seamless voice biometric identification solution.
  • Authenticate your customers during normal unscripted conversations.
  • Eliminate the need for customers to remember passwords, answers to challenge questions and or pass phrases.
  • Unparalleled identification accuracy.
  • On-Premise or On-Demand Cloud based deployments.

Advanced Identification Solutions

Research shows that User Identification Friction is an enemy of Customer Experience with more than 70% of users abandoning an interaction due to frustration with an identification process.

Improve the identification process and win the Customer Experience Battle. ValidVoice brings a new dimension to the Identification Environment.

When you begin an interaction with an effortless Authentication/Identification process, you empower your applications and staff to provide real value to your clients. This value helps in improving Customer Experience.

See how a ValidVoice Identification solution can work for your business!

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